I'm Courtney!
A 24 year old mother of three and business owner. 
Being a mother has been my greatest blessing. 
The ability to create, grow and nurture a child is such a magical experience and I appreciate every moment of motherhood.

Truth is, i am still figuring out life and learning to embrace the crazy loops and turns it takes me through!
I am on this beautiful journey of self love and self care. I am relearning how to appreciate the small things, that a year ago, I overlooked. There is something so special about feeling small- often times, we are clawing our way past one another, just to try to get on top....admittedly, that used to be me, and I am so thankful that God redirected my vision of success. 

Nowadays, I love being able to sit and enjoy nature. Seriously, I just sit in awe of God beautiful earth!

I enjoy sunny days and the sound of moving water, and although my favorite color is still gold, I am growing fond of green. (who would've thought lol)​

When I am not behind the camera, I am either teaching my amazing children or dancing! 



• Gods word
• family
• open space
• green plants
• sunny weather 


• cold weather
• burnt food
• cats (sorry not sorry ha!)
• clutter
• being idle

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